We recognize that, in the last 10 years, companies have made significant investments in implementing advanced planning solutions from best of breed vendors. Today, these solutions should be ready to play a critical decision support role. However, our experience shows that this is not always possible due to the following reasons:

  • Solution adaptability issues either emerge or resurface due to the changing business environment, and could lead to needs, like the following:
    • the consideration of inventory/storage constraints
    • the evolution from a rule-based to a cost minimization model
    • changes to customer order prioritization rules
    • new rules for make-or-buy decisions
    • re-tuning of planning rules and objectives
  • Technical issues may also constrain the ability of the solution to perform at maximum value, for example:
    • performance issues affecting planning or reporting run times
    • stability issues with planning engines or reports
    • issues with data quality and availability
    • outdated software versions requiring upgrades
    • integration workflows in need of streamlining

Companies need to address these issues quickly and efficiently while keeping the required budget under tight control.

The experts of OptimalCore have the necessary experience and are ready to help.

Consulting Value Proposition

OptimalCore offers a value proposition specifically targeted to today‚Äôs challenges. Our key differentiators are our experienceour strategic focus on optimization and our passion for excellence. The main purpose is to deliver maximum value, while keeping both the cost and the risk for the customer to a minimum level.

We propose the following phases of engagement:


Phase 1:support proposition

An on-site solution review workshop is arranged, where our experts meet with key business users and technical owners in order to identify key areas of improvement in the planning solution of the customer, as well as the potential business benefit that will arise from these  improvements.


Phase 2:

An opportunity engagement phase follows at our premises, where we develop a high level solution design proposalan advanced prototype and a benefits case for every issue identified at the workshop. During this phase, the customer provides necessary test data and its key users are available remotely to help with clarifications that may be required. Based on the deliverables of this phase, the customer decides whether to proceed to the next phase.


Phase 3:

If the customer agrees to proceed, the solution development phase starts where we develop and deliver the complete solution within the agreed timeline and conclude this engagement with the necessary documentation and knowledge transfer.


The remuneration for the OptimalCore services is aligned with the realized business benefit.