Companies striving to unleash trapped value in their supply chain operations in order to stay competitive, face two key challenges. The first is how to accurately predict future customer demand and the second is how to synchronize procurement and production in order to satisfy that demand at minimum cost.


Starting with demand forecasting, companies aim at automatically creating a baseline statistical forecast using historical sales data. Furthermore, they want to apply market intelligence and business knowledge in order to refine this baseline forecast and come up with the final approved forecast. In production planning, they want to take into account operational constraints and business rules to create material and capacity feasible plans that maximize customer service level while minimizing inventories and operational cost.

frePPLe is an open source application that targets both these key challenges by enabling demand forecasting and production planning in an integrated fashion. It has advanced modeling and planning capabilities, combined with a rich framework for data management and reporting.


Key Benefits

frePPLe can help companies reduce manufacturing cycle times and improve customer service levels, that can also be differentiated for high priority customers. It can also contribute to reducing inventories of raw materials, intermediate items and final products and increasing the utilization of high value assets. It also helps reduce other operating cost such as overtime cost, premium shipment cost and freight cost. Furthermore, it enhances the company’s visibility in the future, providing the necessary information for proactive decision making. Finally, it improves planners’ productivity by automating their routine daily work and allowing them to focus on the critical decisions.

The OptimalCore Differentiator

OptimalCore is a partnership of experts in the field of Supply Chain Planning and Optimization with more than 15 years of experience in large scale supply chain planning projects and broad exposure to various industries including Metals, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Goods, Process, Industrial Products and Hi Tech. This experience is combined with strong academic backgrounds in mathematical programming and optimization.


OptimalCore is actively engaged in the frePPLe development community. It helps companies assess whether frePPLe is the right fit for them and successfully implements frePPLe to deliver maximum value. Furthermore, it provides education services and full support, including issue identification, workaround investigation & code fixing, for live implementations.