The main capabilities of frePPLe are summarized below.

Demand forecasting

frePPLe uses historical sales data for statistical forecasting. It applies a set of standard time series analysis methods (e.g. moving average, single/double exponential smoothing) and provides a pick-best capability to automatically select the most preferable method based on the mean absolute deviation. The outcome of this automated process is the baseline statistical forecast. In the next step, the user can aggregate/dissagregate the information in terms of time and manually overwrite the forecast values by applying market intelligence and business knowledge to come up with the final approved forecast that drives all further activities of the company. frePPLe also offers profiling capabilities to bring the forecast to the right time granularity for production planning. Additionally, it provides customer order netting functionalities to calculate the net forecast taking into account existing customer orders.


Production planning

frePPLe has modeling capabilities that accommodate all production environments (eg. make to stock, make to order, configure to order). It applies Just-in-Time principles to automatically generate material and capacity feasible plans for procurement and production. It offers a wealth of functionalities to model various business rules (eg. fixed and variable lead times, order prioritization, lot sizing, alternate operations, resource availability, assembly coordination, order pegging). Furthermore, frePPLe enables the fast assessment of various business scenarios, such as the choice between adding an extra production shift or overtime capacity. In an integrated demand and production hypothesis the user can make a decision on the most preferable time period for a future promotion, with respect to material and capacity availability. In addition, frePPLe can be configured to provide accurate promise dates for new customer orders, taking into account the current production status.

frePPLe  resource report

Data management & reporting

frePPLe provides a rich framework for data management and reporting, based on an easily extensible and customizable architecture. This framework covers the fundamental business need to consolidate all relevant data (e.g. bills of material, lead times, orders, historical sales data, calendars, on-hand quantities) into a single repository. Furthermore, it offers strong capabilities to cleanup and maintain these data through a flexible web based user interface. In addition, it provides a user administration framework for security enabled access and logging.

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