The people of OptimalCore have a thorough knowledge of the challenges and opportunities that companies face in relation to their supply chain operations. They have broad consulting experience in the design and implementation of state of the art software solutions in complex business environments. This experience is uniquely combined with a deep theoretical background in mathematical programming and optimization. 


Managing Director 

Themistoklis Rafailidis

Themistoklis Rafailidis is an experienced professional in the field of supply chain management. He is the co-owner and managing director of OptimalCore.


In the past year, he has been involved in the planning and scheduling upgrade at the top-producing U.S. auto plant. He has also been engaged in the global supply chain evolution initiative of a major mobile phone manufacturer in Sweden. Previously, he was engaged for two years in the global supply chain transformation initiative of a major steel manufacturer in the Netherlands and the UK. In the past, he has implemented a factory planning solution for a major steel manufacturer in Germany and also held various roles at i2 Technologies, helping customers improve their supply chains through industry best practices.

He holds a Master of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

His education and broad experience in consulting and product development allows him to understand complex business problems and address them efficiently by using existing software tools or by designing innovative solutions.

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Technology Director

Andreas Dimitriadis

Dr Andreas Dimitriadis is an influential professional in the field of supply chain planning and optimization. He is the founder, co-owner and technology director of OptimalCore.


His latest assignment was the template solution design of a manufacturing and distribution planning solution across all three divisions of a global technology organization in the Netherlands. In his previous role, he was the solution architect and technical lead in a large scale supply chain planning initiative for a global mobile phone manufacturer in Sweden. Before that he was the functional lead for the delivery of a spare parts planning solution for the pan-European operations of a leading Japanese power tools manufacturer.

Previously, he was the technical lead for the delivery of a spare parts planning solution at a leading robotics manufacturer in Sweden. Furthermore, he was responsible for 6.5 years for the design and implementation of an end-to-end supply chain planning solution for a major steel manufacturer in Germany. 

In the past, he was with the EMEA consulting organization of i2 Technologies for 3.5 years. In various capacities, he implemented i2’s Supply Chain Management products at blue chip EMEA customers in a variety of industries.

He holds a Ph.D. from the Centre for Process Systems Engineering, Imperial College, London, UK. His subject was the development of algorithms for the efficient planning of large-scale supply chain processes. During that period, participation in technology transfer projects gave him the opportunity to appreciate the issues involved in the introduction of innovative technologies in commercial environments.

With more than 15 years experience in consulting and software development, he has a strong understanding of the characteristics of the specific problems that industries face in the Supply Chain Management area and the software tools that are available to help solving these problems. He is also acutely aware of the issues involved in running large scale software implementations and, more generally, IT and process improvement projects.