OptimalCore is a partnership of experts in the field of Supply Chain Optimization. Its mission is to bring value to its customers by optimizing their supply chain operations.


OptimalCore recognizes that in the last 10 years companies have understood the importance of automating their supply chain operations through the implementation of sophisticated software tools. Although significant benefits have already been realized, there are two main issues with such implementations.

The first issue is how to successfully fine tune such solutions in order to maximize the return on investment. In many cases, after long software implementations, customers are left with complex solutions that bring lower than anticipated business benefit. Often, there are complaints about the solution quality, or about key requirement gaps. The performance, stability and adaptability of such solutions are also key areas of concern.

OptimalCore is in a unique position to help with this issue. Its partners have more than 40 years of collective experience in large scale supply chain optimization projects. This experience is combined with strong academic backgrounds in mathematical programming and optimization. This unique combination of skills allows them to understand complicated business requirements and accurately model them using existing software tools. When necessary, custom optimization code can also be developed and plugged in, in order to cover key functionality gaps.

The second issue is how to keep the cost of ownership under control, mainly due to the inherent complexity of sophisticated supply chain solutions. This is particularly important in challenging economic environments, where it is critical to have optimal supply chain operations and at the same time keep the required budget for maintenance and support to a minimum.

In order to target this issue, OptimalCore ensures the delivery of top quality services in a cost efficient manner.